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Innovative Europäische Sprachlehre

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On 1 April 2017 Volkshochschule Donauwörth started the project department Innovative Europäische Sprachlehre (Innovative European Language Teaching).

Department head is Joachim Grzega, associated professor at the University of Eichstätt, who also taught at the universities of Münster, Bayreuth, Erfurt, Freiburg and Budapest.

The department carries out research on how language serves us to provide information, but how it also triggers and reveals emotions and associations. It further develops ways to distribute research results so that learners can acquire better competence for communication among Europeans, but also for communication as Europeans with people from other regions of the world. Our offers address the average human, but also teachers as well as profit and non-profit organizations:


  • learning the basics of a European languages within two half-days with the Language Workout Method
  • learning how to use English as a global language, with Basic Global English and Advanced Global English (intercultural communicative competence in English)
  • teaching a language in a linguistically heterogeneous group according to the Sprach-Not-Arzt method (Language Emergency Doctor)


  • humorous interactive events showing the commonalities of Europeans, the differences among Europeans and the differences between Europeans and non-Europeans
  • humorous interactive events showing the power of language in Europe
  • consulting of municipalities and organizations on the development of innovative offers related to European languages (e.g. exhibitions in museums)
  • company-specific offers for improving communicative skills of staff
  • support of schools in projects related to European languages and cultures
  • support of academic institutions in Eurolinguistic aspects

Contact: Prof. Dr. Joachim Grzega, VHS Donauwörth, Spindeltal 5, DE-86609 Donauwörth, Tel. +49-(0)906-299935-18, joachim.grzega@vhs-don.de.

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